Carnival Games – Omaha, NE

Midway Carnival Games

Bring the carnival to town with our full service midway, which is more fun than you could imagine! You pick the number of games based on the number of anticipated guests. You pick the games they will play! You are the ringleader in this circus of fun!

There are two options for redeeming prizes. Prizes can be at each table and are different for each game, or players can earn points from each game on a ticket. At the end of the event they take their ticket and go to the redemption tent where they can cash it all in for a big prize or choose a few smaller ones! The choice is up to you!

Games range in difficulty so there is something for everyone! No one will walk away empty handed because we even have consolation prizes!

Our Full Service Midway comes fully staffed with energetic people who love to have fun! We have classics like “Duck Pond”, and “Ring Toss”! Maybe some that you might not have heard of like “Chick in a Pot” or “Swinger Ball”! Having our Full Service Midway is a sure way to make your event a smash hit!

Easy Games – Starting at $30/day each game

shoot the chute


Spin the arrow and win the prize it points to.
Table needed, prizes additional cost

duck pond

Duck Pond

Catch a duck & win a prize: water filled, freestanding duck pond with numbered ducks.
Requires electricity & table, prizes additional cost

lollipop tree

Lollipop Tree

Be lucky enough to pick a red or blue tipped lollipop for a special prize.
Table needed, lollipops additional cost

treasure chest

Treasure Chest

Try your key to unlock the treasure chest for a prize.
Table needed, prizes additional cost

spin art

Spin Art

Create your own work of art using our spinners and paints.
Electricity and table needed, supplies additional cost

animal fair

Animal Fair

Pick a pull-tab ticket and match up your number to see what you win.
Table needed, prizes additional cost

bring home the bacon

Bring Home the Horsey

Four at a time can cheer their piglets to the finish line to win, place or show.
Table needed

Medium Games – Starting at $30/day each game

bean bag game

Bean Bag Game

Use 3 beanbags; toss them through the hole to win.
card sharp shooter

Card Sharp Shooter

Shoot 3 suction darts at the game board, trying to hit 3 “like” cards.
5 pin bowling

5-Pin Bowling

Use 3 pucks; slide them down game to flip over all 5 pins: shuffle board type game.
Table needed
tic tac toe

Tic Tac Toe

Toss 3 balls into this tub game.  Get 3 in a row, tic tac toe to win.
Table needed
par one golf

Par One Golf

Hole-in-one wins.  This is a single, 8’ long putting game.
alley oops

Alley Oops

Roll 3 ping-pong balls down a slanted table into numbered sections, add up points to win.
ball bounce

Ball Bounce

One try to bounce the ball towards the game. If ball bounces into center hole, you win.
bank shot

Bank Shot

Using a pool stick, bank a pool ball off the back of the game and into the “pocket” to win.
Table needed


Throw 2 whiffle balls into numbered sections of the game tub, trying to earn 7 or 11 points.
Table needed
rainbow roller ball

Rainbow Roller Ball

Roll each of the 6 colored balls up the ramp and into their matching colored slots to win big.
roller ball

Roller Bowler

Roll a small bowling ball just right, to win on our double-hump, double-track, 8’ long game.
8′ Table needed


Roll 3 balls down the peg covered game ramp and into same colored slots: similar to “plinko.”
Table needed
bottle ring toss

Bottle Ring Toss

Three tries to ring an empty bottle.


Kids will enjoy watching their disc wind its way down to the numbered sections in this colorful game.
three of a kind

3 Of A Kind

With a small swinging ball, knock 3 dice off the platform, trying to get 3 of a kind.
Table needed
swinger ball

Swinger Ball

Knock a bowling pin down on the return swing; sets up inside our 10’ x 10’ covered booth.
itty bitty bowling

Itty Bitty Bowling

Tabletop 3 pin bowling game.
Table needed
chicken in a pot

Chicken in a Pot

Using a mallet, hit the lever to propel your chicken into the air and into a pot.
Table needed
lil' goomer golf

Lil' Goomer Golf

Golf for the younger set.
dice game

Dice Game

3 chances to roll the dice and end up with 5 of a kind.
Table needed

Hard Games – Starting at $30/day each game

blitz football

Blitz Football

3 tries to maneuver a ball down a slanted course to score a touchdown.
Table needed
dart balloons

Dart Balloons

Throwing 3 darts at balloons 10’ away, break 3 balloons to win.
We can provide a hand pump for balloons, balloons additional cost

kool pool

Kool Pool

Use a pool stick to hit one ball into another, knocking a coin off the top of the ball and into target area.
Table needed
ball bingo

Ball Bingo

Throw 10 balls into the game box, any bingo wins; box has 25 sections for balls, very difficult to win.
Table needed
crossbow darts

Crossbow Darts

Hit a target with a suction dart. Targets are on a large poster that is set up 10’ away.
Table needed
slap shot

Slap Shot

Using a mini stick and plastic puck, score a goal to win. Shuffle board type game, ice hockey theme.
Table needed

Hoop It

Throw 3 hoops over wood blocks with peg.  Hoop one peg to win! 

Teddy Bear Toss

Throw 3 hoops over wood blocks each holding a teddy bear. Hoop one teddy bear to win.

Wacky Wire

Maneuver a loop around a spinning corkscrew without touching the two.
Table needed



Bounce a puck off the back of the game and into a winning section. Shuffle board type game.
Table needed