School Fundraisers – Omaha, Nebraska, Iowa

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Poinsettia and Christmas Cactus Sale
This fundraiser is not only colorful and fun but the easiest of all. You’ve heard of keep it simple, and that is just what we have done. Sell each plant for $14 a piece. Within a week, Fun Services will deliver straight to your organization or school.  We suggest to sell the two weeks before Thanksgiving to take advantage of this of sale.

Poinsettias come in 6.5” containers and the flowers are offered in pink, red or white. Christmas cactus comes in a beautiful pink. With a little care, these beautiful plants bloom each Christmas, providing extra color during the holidays.

Each plant will come in a red foil wrapped pot and sleeved in clear plastic to ensure a safe ride home.

Fun Service guarantees your school or organization 40% of gross profit.

Participate in a candy bar fundraiser with Fun Services and make a 50% profit! Choose from any of the FUN candy choices with our seller VanWyk Confections and pick your order up at Fun Services!

Fun Service guarantees your school or organization 50% of gross profit. 

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