Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop Fundraiser – Omaha, NE

The Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift shop is a special event for the children and a great addition to any school Christmas party. Your kids will love the fact that they can choose gifts for their family and it makes holiday time even more special!

Your volunteers set up a “gift-store” in your school. Students can purchase gifts for family and friends in a safe, friendly and comfortable environment.  All gifts are “kid priced” and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Parents will love the fact that they won’t have to take their children to the mall to do their gift shopping!  Your children will love selecting gifts ALL BY THEMSELVES for their family!

We will provide your school with a gift selection of over 100 items, all on consignment. And remember, you set your own profit!

For over 50 years, Fun Services has been providing the best Holiday Shops – it’s what we do and we do it right! 

Fun Services offers:

  • FREE shipping and prompt delivery of reorders!
  • FREE promotional materials!
  • FREE flyers and posters!
  • FREE designer gift bags!
  • FREE money envelopes and tablecloths!
  • FREE cash register to use at your shop!
  • NO inventory means no counting before, during, or after your shop!
Whether you choose to call your store a Santa’s Secret Shop or Holiday Gift Shop – Fun Services will provide all the appropriate supplies!

How a Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop Works:

  • Fun Services delivers all supplies & merchandise right to your school!
  • The Success Manual serves as a ‘How To’ as you prepare for your shop!
  • Look to your Promotion Guide for suggestions on how to promote your shop, including planning calendars, sample volunteer letters, shopping lists for the kids, clip art, & more.
  • We provide large, colorful posters ready for you to customize with your dates & times. Display your posters throughout the school so everyone knows when you will hold your shop!
  • You will receive a Parent Letter and Money Envelope for each child at your school to send home. Be sure to send them home the week before your store starts so everyone is ready to shop! Parent letters also available in Spanish!
  • Set up a ‘store’ at your school with the gift items, price labels, tablecloths, door panels, and gift bags included.
  • Our LARGE shopping bags make it easy for the kids to take home all the gifts they’ve purchased!
  • Our plastic gift wrap bags are printed on both sides, have a ‘peel-n-seal’ top, a ‘To – From’ area, and come in all the sizes you’ll need!

You’ll need space in your school that allows for about 8 tables on which to set the gifts.
You will need to set up one table as a ‘cashier’ table.
It’s best if you have a place that can be secured between shop times and dates so you won’t have to set up/tear down each day.
Be sure to allow preview time BEFORE your actual shop dates – preferably the day before actual shop opens!
Invite your students to shop!
Using the provided gift bags will eliminate need for additional wrapping!

Call in reorders daily to insure everyone gets to shop from the full line.
When shop is over, simply inventory and pack up all unsold gifts so Fun Services can pick them up.
When you choose our “NO INVENTORY” option, you will only need to pack up all unused supplies and unsold gifts – no counting – EVER!

Here is how the no-inventory shop works:

You get all the merchandise just like always.  You get reorders just like always. You just don’t have to count it before, during, or after your shop – we do it all for you.

  • You return all unused supplies & gifts when the shop is over.
  • You sell all the gifts at THE SAME PERCENTAGE MARK UP.
  • You supply Fun Services with written proof of your sales and deposits.
  • You pay Fun Services the proper percentage of your total sales.  The percentage you pay Fun Services depends upon the percentage mark up at which you have chosen to sell the gifts. For example, if you choose to sell the gifts at a 20% profit level, and your sales total $2,000.00, you will pay Fun Services $1,600.00.
  • Fun Services will inventory all returned gifts.

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