Casino Nights with Fun Services

Thinking about throwing a Casino Party?!? Here are some tips you won’t want to miss!

For some people, a high rolling Las Vegas vacation is one of the greatest pleasures of life. The glitz and glamour of the shows, the endless amounts of food and drink and the thrill of gaming in the casino hot spot of the world makes it one of the top vacation getaways on the planet. But not everyone can throw down a few thousand bucks every time they get the itch to sit at a blackjack table and try their luck. For this reason, casino night parties have become very popular. From frat parties to office soirees, hosting a casino night can be a lot of fun — if you do it right. Here are some tips to make sure that your casino night event goes down without a hitch.

  1. Pick a Theme – Las Vegas casinos are all about themes so your casino night event shouldn’t be any different. If you have a few bucks to spend on décor, consider paying homage to one or more of the iconic Vegas casinos to give your party a fun edge. Caesar’s Palace is one of the most famous casino brands in the world, so think about decking out your gaming room with some nods to ancient Rome. The same goes for the MGM Grand, the Flamingo and even newer casinos like Paris or New York, New York. You can go with one central theme or divide your room up into zones to feature multiple motifs. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort when your bartender is dressed like Julius Caesar.
  2. Make Sure you Have Enough Tables – The worst thing that could happen is not having enough spots for your guests to have fun! Fun Services takes the number of people you are expecting at your event and divides it in half, and then divides by 9. That gives you a good start on how many tables you will need! Make sure to offer your guests a variety of tables to choose from!
  3. Have Great Prizes! Just like in Vegas…everyone wants to walk away a winner! To stir up excitement for the event, gather some great prizes that will spark attention! You can have guests exchange their winnings for raffle tickets or even award the top 3 winners.
  4. Offer Food and Drinks! Who doesn’t love the buffets and drinks in Vegas? Whether this is a day or evening event, it’s always a good idea to offer food and drink to your guests. If you are choosing to have a sit down meal, Fun Services suggests waiting until that is over to start gambling. If you choose to have heavy appetizers, those are a great break from the gambling!

These tips help answer most of the questions we get about casino parties, but we are always here to help! Give our office a call at (402) 393-7393 and we can help you start planning the FUN today! You will definitely hit the Jackpot with Fun Services!

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