School Events – Omaha, Nebraska, Iowa

School Programs by Fun Services

School Field Days
School Field Days are a long time tradition for elementary schools. Keep the tradition alive by adding new and fun activities to your day. Fun Services has obstacle courses, bounce houses and bungee runs that allow students to participate in friendly competition and exercise at the same time!

Fun Services has entertainment you need for your next Athletic Event, Greek Olympic Games and Freshman Welcome Days. Participate in friendly competition with Pedestal Joust, King of the Mountain or with a Giant Inflated Obstacle Course.

Casino Parties
Fun Services has Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Bingo and Trivia games to entertain your students for hours. We have chips, cards and card holders available as well.

We have over 40 midway carnival games to choose from. The games vary from easy to hard. Place the games in a 10’ x 10’ red and white striped booth to create a carnival atmosphere.

Offer several different duels to ensure the students are entertained! Choose from King of the Mountain, Pedestal Joust or Bungee Run or Dance Dance Revolution.

Post Prom Parties

Fun Services has many options for you to create fun activities for after prom parties.
Choose from our giant inflatables that fit nicely inside a school gym or hotel conference center. Fun Services will help you pick the age appropriate activities based off your theme and number of students attending.

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